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One of the tiniest little nuggets to come through my studio, miss Vera! 5lbs and change, she was the sweetest little thing, and so was big brother! His personality clearly shines through in his photos. He was so happy to lay down and snuggle with his new baby. Got to use one of my favorite […]

I’ve been asked multiple times how exactly I turned my dark barn wood into a creamy white washed color. I had originally only done the floor drop part, but decided to also do the backdrop and make a blog post about it for all of you! So here it goes.   Turn this     […]

I’m so excited that its getting close to that time again…. Summer! You know what that means? More family sessions! I love living in Portland, but we only get a few months to savor the warmth and sun. Spring gives us a peek at what’s to come! I was so happy that we got a […]

I was thinking Sunday night how perfect it would be if Colette happened to go into labor the next day. I had absolutely nothing to do! And what do you know, I get “the text” the next morning! I headed to the hospital at around 11:45am, when she was at 5cm. By the time I […]

I am SO excited to finally have a real office! For the past 3 months my computer has been set up on our living room coffee table, because I just couldn’t stand editing in the mess that this room was. If I had a true “before” photo, it would have been cringe worthy. Watching it […]

This weekend I flew up to British Columbia to meet the fabulous Ali Roddam at Bella Photography (Check her out here! We had so much fun hanging out and photographing 3 amazing little models! Can’t wait for her to come up to Portland this spring 🙂 First up was feisty baby Lily, 10 days […]