5 Quick Tips for Timeless Family Photos

July 13, 2021

Family photos create quite the challenge. Whether it be the stress of finding a photographer, a location, coordinating outfits, or even managing everyone’s chaos the day of. It is not new information that these sessions can potentially provide a new layer of stress. My goal is to eliminate just one of your to-do list items, to hopefully get the ball rolling towards a smooth and timeless family photo session. 

Lifestyle Oregon Family Newborn Session

1. Selecting colors that match your home

When searching for your family’s outfits, I suggest starting with your color palate.


Portland Outdoor Family Photoshoot

The best way to do this is by choosing tones and hues that compliment or match the current colors of your home. Upon displaying your new beautiful images, you may find it challenging if they don’t align with your style. If you gravitate towards warmer colors try utilizing rust, mustard, and burnt orange. If cooler tones are more your preference, sage greens, lavender, and navy are easy to find and timeless. 


2. Steer away from contrasting patterns and all logos or brands

There are some exceptions to this. However, in general it is best to limit the amount of patterns with clothing.


Portland Boho Outdoor Maternity

If you are dead set on having a pattern, I have found this Free People dress to photograph beautifully. However, try and limit it to one person. Keeping in mind that it may draw the eye more than others. During a maternity session, this can be a desirable effect and is a great way to have mom stand out. 


3. Avoid matching

The days of matching family outfits are behind us, coordinating is what we are aiming to achieve.


Light and Airy Outdoor Family Maternity Session in Portland

This means selecting colors that are similar but not the same. For example, choosing tones and color families that you enjoy rather than specific colors. A family session where everyone is wearing a green top and black jeans is not going to age timelessly as it already gives a dated feel. Instead, put dad in a neutral pant and a sage shirt, mom in a lavender dress, brother in navy pants and a tan button up, and sister in a navy or olive dress. This way everyone has similar tones on, but nobody is having to play “who wore it best”


4. If you have a Pinterest, start creating inspiration boards EARLY

Simply start by creating a board, and searching “_______ photo outfits” using whatever type of session you are booking.

Add some ideas that speak to you, keeping in mind the things listed above. Once you have 5-10 added to your board you can go back and select the more ideas button. From there, Pinterests provides suggestions based on your specific pins. Allowing you to create a full board that you can pull up when shopping to remind yourself what you are wanting. 


5. When in doubt, choose a neutral

If you have made it this far and you are still feeling like throwing in the towel, go with neutral tones.


Boho Oregon Family Newborn Twins

Beige, tan, caramel, mocha, ivory, all make for timeless photos are fairly easy to find online and in store. Keep in mind your surroundings and weather, because the mud and stains tend to be strongest when wearing light colors. I have a wonderful guide that provides a wide variety of shop options, both local to Portland, and online if you are ready to start your search. That can be found on my homepage here. The photo experience is about having fun and creating memories, I hope these tips spark some creativity and excitement toward your session!


Catch you next time,




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